Derivatives Online Course

This derivatives course is designed to provide an in-depth overview of the derivative financial instruments, their valuation, risk management, back office operations as well an overview of general market players in this field. Consultants working for many years in the financial industry designed the course. The course awards a certificate of achievement (example of a certificate of achievement) in case the final exam is passed.

The course provides:

In-depth coverage of the instruments, markets and trading processes (detailed curriculum below)

1 year unlimited access

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Certificate of achievement


Derivatives Course

Curriculum of the course:


Derivatives: Part I Products, terminology, concepts, accounting (4 hours)


  • Markets and Instruments
  • Benefits of OTC-Derivatives
  • Exchange Traded Derivatives
  • Exchange traded vs. OTC derivatives
  • FX Forwards, Equity Forwards
  • Forward Rate Agreements (FRA)
  • Non-deliverable Forwards
  • Futures
  • Future Contracts - Different types
  • Swap
  • Swap Closures
  • Interest Rate Swap - Common Terms
  • General Terminology of a Trade
  • Variance Swaps
  • Currency Swap or FX Swap
  • Commodity Swaps
  • Credit Default Swaps
  • Equity Swaps, Total Return Swaps
  • Other Swaps
  • Options
  • Caps and Floors
  • Swaptions, CDS Options
  • Exotic Options
  • Funding Arbitrage
  • Derivatives Valuation for Accounting
  • Example of accounting of a forward transaction

Part II - Derivatives Back Office, Netting, Settlements, Standardization (3 hours)

  • Overview Derivatives
  • Dark pools - RFQ Platforms
  • OTC Standardization
  • Trading Support Functions
  • Trade Lifecycle
  • Downstream Processing
  • STP Lifecycle Events
  • Risk Management
  • Back Office Operations
  • Settlements
  • Netting and Credit Risk
  • Closeout netting, settlement netting
  • Master Agreements, Netting
  • Swift Protocol
  • FpML Protocol
  • ISDA Master Agreements
  • ISDA Credit Support Annex
  • Dispute resolution




Derivative Course Online Derivative Course Online

Derivatives Course